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Where are you based?

I am based in Somerset in the UK, but work with brides from all over the world; from the US to Australia!

How long does the process take?

Timeframes vary depending on whether it is peak bridal season and also the style of veil you are having, including the amount of embroidery, but generally the process takes around 4- 12 weeks. But tighter timeframes can be worked to if necessary.


I already have a wedding veil, can you embroider some personalised embroidery onto it?

Yes! If you have already purchased a veil or have an heirloom veil that has been passed down to you and would like to add some personalised touches, Daisy offers a bespoke embroidery service to embroider existing wedding veils. Whether this is a monogram, script or any other ideas you have, please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.


Can you tell me more about the process of ordering?

The creative process involves discussing exactly what you would like and once we have established the kind of veil you are looking for you will receive a quote. If you are happy with the quote, then a 50% deposit to secure your space is required and then an indication of timescales will be given.

Your veil design will be hand drawn and then digitized and you will be sent the design and at this stage, you may make amendments if necessary.

Once the design is exactly as you would like it, the making process for your bespoke veil can start.

When your veil is finished, the final 50% payment will be due on completion and on receipt of this, your veil will be sent to your desired address.


Can I combine the collection veil designs – for example have a monogram veil with the 'Blossom' scalloped edge?

Yes, you can combine any of the collection designs together to create your own unique one of a kind piece!

I am an artist/ designer, can you embroider my design on a veil?

Yes! I love collaborating with artists and designers and bringing their work to life in embroidery! 


Can I have silk tulle?

Yes it is possible to have silk tulle.

After extensive testing and working for years with different silk and synthetic tulles, I have found that the embroidery works better on synthetic tulle, as it sits ontop of the synthetic tulle fabric, rather than sitting in the silk fibres, so looks a bit bolder on the synthetic tulle. The stock of tulles I use has been specially selected are are of the highest quality synthetic tulle, available in both a soft and firm finish.


I would always recommend synthetic tulle for the above reasons unless the client specifically requests silk tulle.


How much does a veil cost?

Price depends on the type of veil you are having – whether this is a collection veil or bespoke design, the veil length and the amount of embroidery.

Please get in touch describing the type of veil you are looking for, for a quote.

If you have a particular budget set aside, it is also possible to work to your individual requirements and create your perfect veil, tailored to your budget.

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