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Wedding Veil Personalisation

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Already have a veil?

Whether you’ve already purchased a veil or have a treasured family heirloom veil that’s been passed down to you through the generations…


Add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ with a personalised touch diligently embroidered by hand to create a truly unique wearable art piece.


Marrying the mastery of traditional skills with contemporary design, Daisy weaves her personal, ethereal and delicate embroidery style with meticulous attention to detail.


Specialist, antique, hand guided embroidery machines coupled with Daisy's exceptional skill and mastery, give a distinctive personal touch to your chosen veil from a monogram or script, to your beloved pet or the place you first met.


With personalisation, you can be sure that your look on your wedding day will be as perfect and unique as the love story that brought you together!

Personalisation costs from £200.

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