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Wedding veil guide

From wedding veil styles to length and tulle fabric; this comprehensive wedding veil guide will help you to decide which type of veil is right for you.

Veil Styles

Veil Length

Your veil can be any length you wish to best suit you and your gown. Here are some examples of different veil lengths. They can be adjusted to suit you, dependant upon your height and dress length.

When finding the measurement for your veil, the most accurate way is to measure from where you would wear the veil in your hair to where you would like the veil to end.

Lengths copy.png
Poppy motif.png
Poppy motif_edited.png


Veils are usually made from a net fabric known as ‘tulle’, which is available in both a soft and firm finish. The soft finish moves and drapes more fluidly and the firm finish tends to have more volume and holds its shape more, with a firmer feel.I offer a range of tulle colours, ranging from shades of ivory and white to soft dove blue to hot pink! When choosing your veil to match your dress it is best to select the shade nearest your dress or a shade lighter.

Blossom motif_edited_edited_edited.png

Veil comb

If you are having a veil that is fixed onto a comb, you can choose the comb it will be attached to, to suit your personal preferences.





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