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Handcrafted Wedding Veils 

The greatest love story ever written…

…exquisitely captured in a timeless classic

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This isn't just a wedding veil...

…this is a luxurious artisanal extension of you - your personality, your style, your love story…


This is not just an accessory, afterthought or addition. It’s the handcrafted tale of your happily-ever-after encapsulated in an intricate piece of art to be passed down to future generations.


Devotedly handcrafted in England, Daisy Sheldon’s unique technique preserves the rare and fading traditional Cornely embroidery that originated in France, the most romantic country on earth, in the 1920s.


Embroidered by hand with diligent skill and mastery, preserving the beauty and intricacy that is lost in modern digital embroidery, no two veils are the same - and no one does veils quite like this…



If you’re seeking the timeless sentiments of a classic veil, but want to invest in something truly unique
- a swoon worthy wedding showstopper -
then a Daisy Sheldon Handcrafted Veil is destined to be yours.

I’m certain that there have been many moments shared with your beloved where the love between you transcends the boundaries of time and space…


All at once the world around you fell still and silent, just the two of you softening into an eternal moment of bliss…


These are the moments that you wished could last forever.


Forget the cliché of carving “You + Me forever” into a tree and locking a padlock with both your names onto the Lock Bridge in Paris as a symbol of your everlasting love…


…a Daisy Sheldon Handcrafted Veil delicately weaves the tender threads of love into a truly unique handcrafted veil that elegantly captures the essence of your very own love story.


An eternal hallmark of your love, forever and always: the perfect family heirloom.



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Fall in love all over again with the exquisite Daisy Sheldon Handcrafted Veil Collections…


Tell the (fairy)tale of your very own love story with your elegantly handcrafted bespoke veil…

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Add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your existing wedding veil with a personalised touch…


I wholeheartedly recommend Daisy Sheldon Embroidery, having Daisy embroider my wedding veil has been one of the best experiences of planning my wedding and she has exquisitely crafted the veil of my absolute dreams! When I received my veil, I was overwhelmed by her stunningly beautiful embroidered design, it is truly a work of art, she is so talented! I am absolutely thrilled with my veil, it is such a special heirloom piece that I will treasure forever and I really can't wait to wear it on my wedding day! 

| Katie Rhodes |
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